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Welcome to my website!  I am honored that you decided to take a peek and I sincerely hope that my poetry will be deserving of your time.  As a first-time author, this journey was quite THE experience for me.  I had been debating about writing a book, one that was within the context of my career.  I would never have imagined that Poetic Ponderings would be my first!  It’s amazing how some experiences are so compelling that one has no choice but to follow the guidance that’s being granted.  In my case, it was probably the first time in my adult life that the reins of control were completely out of my hands!

There is no doubt that I really enjoyed English literature in high school but a science path was selected for me, on the basis of my grades.  When both my husband and mother passed away, I found myself writing poetry, as tributes to both. It was the easiest way for me to reflect and record the precious moments with them.  Still, there was no recognition on my part, that there was more inside me.

I was doing my best to re-focus on my career, when I was swept away on this celestial journey!

May you find some resonance with the ideas and insights that I have gained.


In the ridges of my mind

I’m attempting to find

Remnants of confused thought

Ones that I previously fought

Could they be brought to bare

And elicit cascades of fear

No, not again this time

Only verses, in rhyme

At my soul’s door they pound

Making me hopelessly bound

To this mellow tune so complete

It plays effortlessly, on repeat