About the Book

The poems in this ‘journal’ are intended to act as catalysts for readers who wish to reflect on their life journeys, and perhaps, broaden their perspectives. The author takes the reader for a ride along one avenue of her spiritual path, as she shares the awakening of her contemplative awareness.

After becoming a widow, she was in the process of preparing for another fulfilling stage of her life, when a rivetingly revealing period ensued. As if in a trance, verses started flowing like an unobstructed river. Transcribing the experiences onto paper was intensely meaningful because she recognized that a distinct emotional healing had taken place.

The poems are divided into two sections: Ponderings about life, and Ponderings about romantic love.

The author hopes that the reader will observe some parallels and draw upon the innate strength and wisdom that we all possess.

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POETIC PONDERINGS – Cherri Allison Taylor

ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781504368292

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“Poetic Ponderings is a balm for the heart and soul. The lessons learned opens up your mind to aspire to new goals, stay connected with what, and who you cherish, to treasure memories and let go of negativity. It’s a bedside book that brings you joy every time you read a poem. It’s a reflection on inner peace.”

Carmen D. Polysomnography Technologist. Ottawa, Canada


“I was so moved by Poetic Ponderings. Many of the poems stayed with me for days! They inspired me and caused me to reflect on my own life, especially in dating. As a single woman, the love section impacted me the most and it’s helping me to solidify my own identity and what I want out of my ideal relationship. This book is definitely an inspiring read and aid for personal growth.”

Danielja V. Entrepreneur. FL, USA.


“Poetic Ponderings est un petit bijou dans lequel, à chaque lecture on découvre la joie, la paix de l’âme, la sincérité des sentiments, un regard sur soi-même et les autres. L’importance d’ouvrir son esprit et son cœur pour vivre dans le moment présent et s’accomplir”

Ozima. Grand-mere. Québec, Canada.


“Cherri Taylor’s Poetic Ponderings is beautiful to hold in your hands and the open door image on the cover didn’t disappoint my expectation of entering into her private world. Even more evocative are the poems, coupled with the stunning photographs that amplify their meanings. Cherri’s blend of the scientific reflector and the warm-hearted lover infuse her poetry”.

Donna Little M.S.W., T.E.P.
Trainer . Educator and Practitioner of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy. Guelph, Canada.


“The poems in Poetic Ponderings are very creative and the insight into Life is very realistic and expressive. The messages in these poems are positive, intelligent and intuitive. They capture the emotions and complexities of life, perfectly”.

Norma R. Retiree. Toronto, Canada.


“Inspiring – is a positive and lofty word, but it does not begin to capture the sense of effervescent truth, beauty and sublime knowing that I experienced when reading these poems written by Cherri Taylor. Like rich chocolate melting in the mouth, these poems are to be savored slowly to luxuriate in the gentle flow of intermingling thoughts and feelings, evoked by the rhythmic tempo of these mesmerizing verses. Reading poem after poem left me hungry for more soulful expansion in my own life and grateful for this pathway to knowing the greater possibilities behind my existence here on earth. This book is a treasure you owe to yourself.”

Rhonda J. Watson.
Certified Hudson Executive Coach
Ignite Leadership Catalysts International
KII Certified Professional (Keller Influence Indicator Partner)
Certified EQ-1 2.0 Emotional Intelligence 
California, USA


“Poetic Ponderings – extracting the nutrients from life’s lessons – is so frank and clear about challenges, relationships, feelings, courage, attitudes, potential, loss etc. It is a beautiful book, with eye-grabbing illustrations. Writing this review was definitely worth my time. Best wishes Cherri”

Joy Simons-Brown Author, Musician, Composer, Producer, musical talent Judge.
Celebrated works include-The Joy of Knowing, Mathematics for Life, Sing and Play the Jamaican Way, Sing de Bible
Kingston, Jamaica


“Poetic Ponderings- extracting the nutrients from life’s lessons- is best savoured. I read one or two before bed and think of the message as I fall asleep. The week after picking up my copy was a rough one, with close friends passing away. The ponderings were timely and needed. Thank you Cherri, for sharing with the world. For people like me, who don’t express themselves well that way, it helps”.

Dr. Virginia Hildebrandt RT (bacteriology), B.Sc. (Biochemistry), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Plant Physiology)
Puslinch, Canada